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5 tips to create custom T-shirts

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5 tips to create custom T-shirts

If you have been looking for professionals who can help you with custom T-shirts, then you have stumbled across the right page. Custom T-shirts have that enormous appeal to themselves due to extensive designing, choice of the apparel, bright and vivid colors and of course the custom touch attached to it.

There are many ways, to begin with, and have your custom T-shirt designed in a spectacular way. We will be sharing these 5 tips to create custom T-shirts with you. So, without further ado let us dive right in;


  • Take time to explore your concept


The first and foremost thing which you should consider before designing your custom T-shirt is that which concept you are going to follow? You’ll have to brainstorm extensively over your concept, come up with new ideas, dismiss the old ones and then finalize your thoughts over a canvass. Remember a concept is as good as the customers you are designing it for.

Once you have reached the selling point for your order, renovate your ideas a little bit and implement them into a new product. The same concept with a bit of twist of color scheme or design will help you get a firm grip over what you do.


  • Keeping it simple


Though everyone will appreciate the extensive drawing, logo imprinting and attention to the detailing over your custom designed T-shirt but not for a long time. All people readily appreciate a robust execution of the concept, colour scheme and sketching. Yet best of the best T-shirts have the simplest design over them as simple as possible.

That is why customers like to buy custom T-shirts because they can manage the severity of the content and extensive sketching detailed/simple as they please. Try to remain in the middle of this T-shirt patio, and you will have a successful design for your T-shirt.


  • Consider your market


This is very important as well as a key principle which will determine the fate of your custom T-shirts. At the end of the day, you want customers to wear your apparels and get yourself some high sales. But before you do that, you’ll have to consider the people for whom you are going to design the T-shirts. Whether they are young/old, male or female, only then you can have the true insight of your customer’s attention and likings.

Once you have made your way through this, the next procedure becomes rather simple. Also, having a vivid concept of what your customers prefer and value in custom T-shirts and what other brands they may like will also help you in this stead.


  • Choosing the right colors


The design may matter and also your concept of the T-shirt, but one thing that matters the most is your color scheme. Use the T-shirts colors effectively and try choosing complementary colors. Not all people would like the color pattern you put in your work, that is why it is advised to use the Universal color scheme patterns. If you are using the Adobe illustrator then, you can turn on the global colors, this setting is an absolute lifesaver and will help you create something utterly spectacular.


  • Be ahead of the game


Try to configure the narrative of the leading brands and the latest trends in the market. You shouldn’t copy everything as it is, instead just take hints and ideas and implement them accordingly. Chances are that if you try to copy the idea of these leading brands, the other competitors are also doing the same thing behind the curtains. Innovate, renovate and launch your custom T-shirts.

These tips will truly inspire and help you to achieve your goals in order to create the mesmerizing designs for your custom T-shirts.