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Shredded Plastic


Every year tons of plastic bags and bottles are discarded because of their several environmental destructing factors. However, these plastic bags and bottles have certain uses too which can be more beneficial than you imagine. One of them is the conversion of these plastic bags and bottles into apparel paint or ink. Surprised? In this article, we are going to cover all about the conversion of this discarded stuff into a useful thing. How is it turned into apparel paint? This question must be roaming around in your mind, therefore, let’s get into the content straight away.


  • Shredding:


This is the first step in making apparel paint from recycled plastic. Whenever someone throws a bottle, there is a considerable amount of liquid present in the bottle. Hence, shredding is done to remove all this unnecessary liquid from the bottles and bags. This ensures the smooth performance of the paint and enhances its quality.


  • Sorting:


In this step, different shredded materials are sorted out. This categorization separates the colored parts from the uncolored parts. The uncolored or white shredded pieces are then subjected to the remaining process. From these white shredded parts, we ultimately get a white-colored paint. Later on, different dyes or colors are added to get different colors of apparel paint or ink.


  • Removal of colored caps:


Different white-colored bottles are capped with differently colored caps. These must be removed as they can challenge the quality of the paint. These colored caps are made up of another type of plastic which floats. Thus, the person working at this step, strains of these floating colored caps to give an optimum and qualified apparel paint or ink.


  • Removal of labels:


After colored caps, labels must be removed. The shredded pieces are then subjected to a caustic soda bath. Caustic soda is very damaging for skin, thus, it should be handled vigilantly. However, caustic soda is very useful in removing the labels because of its corrosive properties. After this process, the clean shredded prices are dried in a rotator.


  • Drying:


The wet shredded pieces are then subjected to 10-hour drying process in a rotator. This is done to remove the excess water from the shredded pieces. Slow drying is done to remove all of the wetness without damaging the quality of the shredded pieces to get a top-notch quality of the apparel paint or ink.


  • Melting:


This process is significant for making apparel paint or ink. This melting process is done to guarantee that there will be no clumps in the paint. The shredded pieces of recycled plastic are melted at about 270 degrees Celsius. This step holds an immense importance because it guarantees the smooth application of the apparel paint. These shredded pieces are subjected to constant stretching to give smooth, clump-free apparel paints.


  • Addition of colors:


The next stage is all about adding colors to the manufactured white paint. Different dyes and colors are added to make different apparel paints or inks to make your apparel stand out in the horde and accelerate your trendy gear significantly.


This is how the useless and discarded plastic bags and bottles are recycled into the apparel paints or ink which can make you look classy. Who thought that these thrown away plastic bottles and bags could be this beneficial? Our company, City Screen Print, is ahead of all the other companies in taking advantage of this discarded recycled plastic and nourishes the apparel paint section considerably. City Screen Print keeps you updated of all the latest designs. We take care of the needs of the people and process high-quality apparel paint.